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10333 19th Avenue Southeast
Everett, WA, 98208

(425) 939-1550

Summer camps, pottery, drawing, painting, pottery and art classes for kids and adults. Art lessons Everett and art lessons mill creek. Explore our art classes and pottery classes today.


Practice pottery wheel throwing and ceramics hand-building.

Pottery classes for adults: Two-hour one-time class. Ideal for beginner and for those who have taken beginning pottery classes in the past and would like a refresher lesson. This class is also ideal for those who wants to learn pottery, and ceramics lessons but not sure about it and wants to try out.

Studio Time: Practice Your pottery and ceramic skills:

Studio time is ideal for practice wheel throwing or ceramics hand-building. Ideal activity for the family and friends. Upon arrival, you will get access to studio's tools, wheels for two hours. You have the option to use wheels or hand building tools. You can stay in the studio for maximum two hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is studio time?
It is your time to practice your pottery or hand-building skills.

How much you charge for studio time?
$15 entry fees for two hours of usage.

What will we get during studio time?
You will get access to pottery wheels, tools, and space.

What are the requirements for using studio time?
1) We highly recommend taking our 90-minute pottery class before using studio time, or you must have basic pottery or sculpting skill level. 
2) You must be 18+ old or accompany with an adult.
3) You must able to clean your wheels and usage area after use.
4) Follow studio rules.

Do we you provide instructor during studio time?
No. Instructor will not be available. Studio time is your time to practice your skills at your pace.

Do we have to buy clay? 
Yes, You have to buy clay from us. 

Do each participant have to buy a separate bag of clay? 
No, You can buy one bag of clay and share with anyone you like. 

What type of clay do you use in the studio for pottery or ceramic works?
We only use Seamix 5 Cone 04-6 clay.

How much you charge for the clay bag?
Our 25 Lbs of clay bag are for $40. Your clay bag comes with free bisque firing up-to two pieces on each visit.

How much you charge for bisque firing?
On each visit, bisque firing up-to two pieces are included with purchase of a bag of clay. For extra bisque firings will cost $5 for each piece.

What we should do with leftover clay?
You can take leftover clay home and bring it back on your next studio time visit. So you don’t have to buy bag again. If you have our bag of clay or leftover clay, on each visit you will get first two bisque firing free.

How much you charge for the glazing? 
$15 for each piece.

Note: Studio time is not for production potters.